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A day with the students at WELS!


I recently had a chance to speak to an amazing group of High School students in the Highline School District during their college and career weeks! The students are a part of a unique program called Waskowitz Environmental Leadership School (WELS) that teaches high school students both academic and career skills through themes of leadership, environment, and community. WELS is building on 12 years of history in the Highline School District to create new and comprehensive educational pathways for students.

During the two week breakout, the students had a chance to hear from a number of community leaders and learn about a variety of fields and studies including Dentistry, Nursing, the PGA, the Airforce/Army, The University of Washington and the joys and challenges of starting your own business! The students also prepared resumes and participated in a mock interview session to round out the experience.

I had a fabulous afternoon with these up and coming leaders and look forward to seeing their success in years to come!

Thanks WELS students and Mr. Johnny for the opportunity to come meet with you!!

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