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Check Your Resume For These 4 Things Before You Hit Send

Have you ever reviewed your resume when applying for a job and thought it was missing something? After all, internal company recruiters can receive hundreds of resumes a day depending on the size of the company, so you need to find a way to make yours stand out.

This post focuses on four things that you should check for on your resume before you hit send.

Highlight Your Accomplishments & Performance History

It's not enough to list your job duties and responsibilities; you must show your potential

employer why you are the best candidate. This means showcasing your achievements and

quantifiable results as well as demonstrating your skills and abilities.

Have a few bullet points in your resume that illustrate how you've used your talents rather than just talking about them. Demonstrating how you've made a tangible difference can be the key to catching a potential employer's eye, especially when including keywords and phrases. For example you might highlight a successful project you spearheaded, a cost-saving initiative you implemented, or a team you led to success involving the technology mentioned in the job posting.

Provide quantitative descriptions of results you achieved (e.g., where you have saved time or

specific cost reductions). By quantifying your accomplishments, you offer a glimpse into the

scope of your contributions and effectiveness as an employee and provide tangible evidence of your skills and ability to add value to an organization.

If you lack numbers, showcasing what you did to achieve awards and recognition for

accomplishments is another reliable method. In addition, including specific details of your

honors and accolades can help you stand out among other candidates who may have similar


If you've got some solid bullet points, but need help refreshing your resume with them, we can help.

Demonstrate Your Skills & Technical Competency

Demonstrating your skills and technical competency is the area in which your resume is make-or-break. So instead of simply listing your skills, provide examples on how you've used these skills to achieve results on previous projects.

Start by listing all relevant hard and soft skills you have acquired. Hard skills are typically

technical abilities; meanwhile, soft skills refer to interpersonal strengths like communication and time management. Then think of scenarios where you've used these to excel in your employment history. Once you've thought of some ideas, jot them down into a resume-friendly format relevant to your application that's authentic and engaging.

If you've read this far and think it's best to start from scratch, we can help you create a brand

new resume. Check out "Career Services" for a complete list of how we can help you set yourself apart.

Keep It Concise

Keeping your resume concise provides many benefits, including making the recruiter's job more manageable. With limited time to review each application, recruiters appreciate clear, focused resumes free from irrelevant information.

Additionally, a concise resume can be easier to read and less overwhelming, increasing the

likelihood of being hired and securing an interview. By trimming the excess and presenting only the essential information of the stories you want to tell, your resume will appear more

professional, targeted and effective.


Proofreading portrays your attention to detail and your commitment to excellence, a trait that

most employers appreciate.

By proofreading, you increase the chances of securing an interview because a single mistake can ruin your chance of getting the job. Asking a friend, mentor, or industry professional to review your resume can also help refine and improve your skills, allowing you to produce better resumes in the future.

Moreover, proofreading your resume helps you create a professional and polished document

that reflects your skills and experiences, making it easier for employers to see the value you can bring to their organization. Therefore, investing time in proofreading your resume is beneficial for your job search and long-term career opportunities.

If you've checked your resume for these four improvements but feel your cover letter and

LinkedIn profile need to be more cohesive, we can also help with that!

Overall, your resume should not only be captivating and demonstrate your confidence; it should make employers recognize the impact that you could have on their organization on a

performance, technical, and personal level. But remember, your resume has limited real estate, and you're not writing a storybook. So the main takeaway from this blog is to select a handful of the best stories but keep them concise and well-written. You can craft a winning resume that will set you on the path toward invaluable career development opportunities.

If you've read through the above and realized that you need help with more than your resume, we've got the perfect solution.

In our half-day career workshop, we will walk you through the following:

- How to start finding and applying for the jobs that are right for you.

- How to build a resume that will set you apart from your peers and highlight your key


- How to write a cover letter and create a more engaging LinkedIn profile.

- Learn key strategies that will allow you to easily navigate any interview and create your

unique 30-second elevator pitch.

If that sounds like something you'd benefit from, check out our "Career Workshop" page for more details!

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