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Not sure what the next step for you looks like?

We will facilitate a discussion about your career path and goals, explore your ideal career fit and leave you with established career goals & career planning.


Resume Creation & Review

Whether your resume needs a touch up or an overhaul, we will provide you with a keyword optimized resume, enhance your LinkedIn profile and provide you with a cover letter.



Interviews can be nerve-wracking, so we will prepare you for upcoming phone, virtual and in-person interviews from start to finish. You will learn the tools you need to tell your story and get the job!




Are you looking for a bespoke solution? Contact us to build a custom package to address your needs.

Walking Down the Stairs



Join BrunswikSt. as we give you the tools to evolve and accelerate your job search.

In our half day workshop, we will walk you through how to develop a strong strategy around your career objectives, build a resume that sells your skills and interview to set yourself apart and get the job!

Accounting, Finance and Business Operations Staffing

Ever felt like you were searching for a job without a compass?


We will uncover the pathway to your ideal next role.


You will focus on how to fine tune your decision making skills with a values assessment that will show you how to start finding and applying for the jobs that are ACTUALLY  right for you.

  • Learn how to define your purpose, values, skills, and passions in the workplace

  • Assess your life balance & compensation needs

You have identified your path, now how do you use your  experience to open the right doors?

We will cover how to build a resume that will set you apart from your peers and highlight your key accomplishments, how to write a cover letter and how to create a more engaging LinkedIn profile.

  • Learn how to build a cohesive resume that sells your unique abilities

  • Write a captivating cover letter

  • Build a better LinkedIn profile 

Your resume got you the interview, now what?

Learn key strategies that will give you the ability to navigate any interview with ease and create your own unique 30 second elevator pitch.

  • Interview tips-phone, in person   and virtual

  • Learn how to create, own and   deliver your work history

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