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Recruiters are annoying - a Startup Point of View!

It’s no secret that Seattle is a great hub for startups. Forbes recently listed Seattle as the 4th best location to launch a startup in a publication on March 13th and we regularly run into CEO’s and Senior Managers at the social events we attend. Over beers, on boats or at BBQ’s, we asked whether or not these key individuals liked to use outside recruiters and the majority said no based on 2 common themes- Cost and Annoyance. These answers helped us come up with key values at BrunswikSt. and have shaped us from day 1.

When it came to cost, It wasn’t that they didn’t see the value of the service, it was the operating models that made it unfeasible. Cash is king and paying a fee for every person brought on board when you are starting out or when you have to add a significant number of staff quickly due to raised funding, just doesn't work. This common theme was a big driver in our development of a pricing model that had flexible options that we can change and adapt to match our clients changing needs.

Outside of cost, the next reason they didn't like recruiters is that they were “annoying”. The same pitch from the same firms would fill their inbox and voicemails. The last thing they wanted to do was encourage a recruiter to add them to a list that meant they got random emails trying to sell them on candidates they could never use. They wanted information tailored to their business from people who knew what they were talking about. From that we could see that the old ways of marketing via random calls and email blasts are outdated and unnecessary. At BruswikSt., each of our clients has a tailored marketing plan that is put in place and followed by our team. If you prefer a text, only want to see emails that speak to specific information or skills they know they need, or want an annual check in, we will give our clients what they want.

It was these lessons and our drive to do recruitment differently that led to the creation of Brunswik St.

For this blog, we would like to take a moment to give a quick shout out to the beers that may have helped us get to those straight up answers on recruitment….we are forever in your debt.


The BrunswikSt. team


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