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3 Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process

Updated: Nov 3

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1. To improve your hiring processes, start with your internal recruitment teams. Take the time to sit down with them to make sure they have a good understanding of your specific needs outside of what is provided in the job description. Most internal recruiters are working on multiple recs across the business and spending 15 extra minutes to show them key words to look for when reviewing resumes and/or providing a sample resume of an ideal candidate will make their, and in turn your, life easier.

I would also recommend setting aside a few minutes to review the resumes of people that have applied to your role together. You might find that your recruiter may be screening out individuals that you would otherwise have moved forward to a phone screen. Time is short, but 15 minutes in the beginning can save you hours down the line and mean that great candidates don’t get passed by!

2. Speed is KEY when it comes to interview feedback and throughout the entire hiring process!

Right now, I am seeing individuals getting multiple offers or interviewing for upwards of 3-5 opportunities at a time if they are active in the market. If they meet with a hiring manager or internal recruiter and do not hear any feedback for multiple days, you can turn them off from your role and your company.

My suggestion is to take an honest look at how long it is taking from when a job is posted, to when candidates are first interviewed, to when they are signing on the dotted line. If your internal hiring processes take weeks on end from initial meetings to making an offer and getting someone started, you are going to be missing out. My clients that have a faster turnaround time are going to get the candidate you want FIRST!

Also keep in mind, it can be a bit of a yellow flag for candidates if they see your position has been posted for too long. For instance, if you have had a Senior Accountant role posted on your site for multiple weeks or months on end and have not hired, it begins to look like a company issue not a talent issue.

3. Be transparent. When you interview give people the good, bad and the ugly about the role and company. Everyone knows there are challenges as most jobs aren’t about herding unicorns and chasing rainbows, so be honest.

By not giving people a good picture of what they are going to be facing coming in, you run the risk of hiring someone who isn’t going to be successful in your environment anyway. It may mean the candidate you really wanted doesn’t want you, but you will save yourself time in the long run.

If you would like more tips for how to improve your hiring processes in this challenging market, give me a shout I am here to help!


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